Gamma Has Semi-Great Time at First Semi-Formal

Last weekend, PSE-Gamma dawned their classiest attire for the first ever PSE Semi-Formal. Nearly 100 Gamma members and their dates arrived at the house of VP of Special Events Lauren Gerth for an evening of excellent music, good conversation, and most importantly-tacos from Moe's. 

After filling their stomachs with mounds of beef and cheese and participating in various semi-formal games, Gamma ventured downtown for a classic night in the city of Athens. With such a successful semi, members are greatly looking forward to the next and final social of the semester. PSE will join fellow marketing organization AMA for a social at the UGA Ice Dawgs hockey game this Friday, December 4th. 

PSE Has Final Chapter

This past Wednesday, current exec members experienced their last chapter as reigning Vice Presidents. 24 different candidates ran for the 9 available exec positions, including: President, VP of Finance, VP of Marketing, VP of Public Relations, VP of Human Resources, VP of Administration, VP of Professional Development, VP of New Member Development, and VP of Special Events. The 2016 Exec Board will be revealed at the Initiation Banquet taking place Monday, December 7th. 

Megan Maloney conducting her final Chapter as PSE-Gamma President. 

Megan Maloney conducting her final Chapter as PSE-Gamma President. 



PSE Invades Oktoberfest for Annual New Member Retreat

Every year, the "German-town" of Helen, GA hosts Oktoberfest-and for the past two years Gamma has joined the festivities for a celebration of food, music and most importantly PSE's newest members. 

Gamma loaded up 50 members and took a mini road trip to Helen. Designed to look like a traditional German city, complete with ginger-bread trim and mountain charm, Helen is the perfect setting for an Oktoberfest retreat. Gamma ate bratwursts and pretzels while dancing the night away to classic polka music--not entirely different from a night out in Athens. New and old members were able to mix and mingle German style, forming friendships to last a lifetime. 

“It was such a great experience getting to know all of the new members. Everyone is so down to earth and personable; I’m so excited to integrate them within our chapter.”
— VP of New Member Development, Addy Delean.

Land of the PSE, Home of the Braves

Braves Date Night turned out to be a success for everyone...except the Braves. Gamma members got the chance to trade in their suits and skirts for jerseys and cheer on Atlanta's favorite baseball team for the first social event of the fall semester.

Georgia has been experiencing non-stop rain the past few days, but the skies were clear as PSE rolled out of Athens and headed toward Turner Field. Tomahawks and foam fingers in hand, Gamma came prepared to chop for the Braves. Unfortunately the Nationals came prepared as well, and the Braves suffered a loss. 

Despite the imminent fear of rain and an even bigger fear of the Nats, Gamma made it a night to remember-setting standards high for the social events to come. 

Selfie game strong for the Braves

Selfie game strong for the Braves