PSE Nationals 2017

This past weekend UGA’s own Gamma chapter swept nationals in St. Louis, MO. Congratulations to everyone who won and participated in Nationals:

UGA gamma chapter sustained excellence (3 years gold status)

Marcos Brown: 1st place National Speakers Competition

Taylor Gordy, Tzippy Bryer-Satkin, Abby Davis, Kate Waldis, and Lyman Chen:  2nd place National Case Study Competition

Ansley Maness: Top Project Manager.

Madison Loudermilk and Meredith Bresnahan received scholarships.

Theresa Garcia: Future Leader Award

You’re all a part of what makes PSE great!

Career Fair Tips


Going to the Career Fair can be overwhelming whether it’s your first or fifth time so here are some tips to make sure that you can land that interview.

Know who’s who

The Career Center gives you a list of all the employers coming to the fair so make sure to check them out so you can plan accordingly and get lots of face time with them. Start with a few smaller companies so you’re prepped before you get to your dream company.

Do your homework

If there are companies that really interesting you should go check out their company website. While learning more about their company, you can also get conversation starters that will make you stand out to potential employers. You definitely don’t want to be the person who has no idea what a company does before you go to talk to them.

Polish up that Resume

Your resume is probably perfect but it’s always great to get a second opinion. The Career Center has free resume reviews leading up until January 31st from 10am-3pm at Tate Grand Hall. If you can’t make it during those times the Career Center has some great resume samples on their website so be sure to check those out.

Don’t get distracted by freebies

Everyone knows that employers love giving out merch during the fair and it can be easy to get caught up in collecting it all. Just remember that you’re ultimately there to get your name out into the job market.

Dress to Impress

Though this goes without saying, first impressions are everything so make sure to dress business professional for this event. Don’t forget that employers notice the smallest details so iron out that blazer before you head out.

Practice your Pitch

The Pitch essentially explains to an employer who you are and why they should hire you. You should keep this about 1-2 minutes long. If you need a guideline the Career Center has some great examples.


For more tips and advice on Career Fair prep make sure to check out the Career Center website. Good luck and Go Dawgs!

Why Join PSE?

By: Mira Uchil

The number one question potential recruits ask is “Why join PSE?” I took the time to sit down with some of the newest members of PSE to answer just that.

Mari Cabiladas a 3rd year Marketing and Consumer Economics major transferred to UGA last semester when she joined PSE. “PSE really made the transfer smoother,” mentions Mari, “I got the chance to meet so many like-minded, career oriented peers who really helped me ease into UGA.” When I asked why she joined, Mari responded “It really gave me a chance to make friends while also perfecting my professional skills, I would highly recommend giving this organization a chance.”

Like Mari, Robert Li a 2nd year Computer Science major joined PSE last semester. As a new member, he won the Regionals Sales Competition in Raleigh, NC with almost no prior knowledge in Sales. He describes Regionals as “one of his best memories of PSE.” When I asked him what he loved most about PSE he said “The people. I feel like I had a family the second I went to my first meeting.” When I questioned him about the professional benefits he stated “ I learned how to stand out from your average applicant. Now thanks to PSE I was able to land an interview with IBM.”

Similar to Robert, Randi King a 2nd year Finance Major got a job opportunity because of PSE. Like the other new members, Randi believes “PSE is what you make of it.” Randi was named Rookie of the Year and Top Gold member last semester for her amazing contributions and participation in PSE. When asked for a favorite memory in PSE, Randi recalls “The moment that I decided to go to the career fair, they kept mentioning it so much in meetings that I figured I should at least get my foot in the door.” The professional workshops and resume reviews she said “were a big part of how I got my current internship with Equifax.”

The funny thing is that none of these experiences are rare. PSE welcomes all majors and gives all students opportunities for success both professionally and socially. We are always looking for more people to join one of the best business fraternities in the nation, so if you’re interested take a leap and apply below!


PSE Sweeps Terry Sales Competition

ATHENS, Georgia- October 25, 2016- Pi Sigma Epsilon recognizes four key members for their outstanding efforts in the Terry Sales Competition, held last Saturday, October 22 at The Terry College of Business. Madison Loudermilk, Addy Delean, Kendall Ague, and Brian Olsen fell among the top 18 students, out of a total 99, to be invited to the Terry’s Top 18 competition in February of next year. PSE is delighted to congratulate Madison for landing first place in the competition, and Addy for placing second. The top four competitors from that subsequent competition will go on to represent The University of Georgia at the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

PSE Members Making Strides in Terry College of Business

Terry Ambassadors: Milan Patel, Ansley Maness, Brian Olsen

Terry Ambassadors: Milan Patel, Ansley Maness, Brian Olsen

Last week, five members of PSE received top awards and elite positions within UGA's Terry College of Business. Exec members Ansley Maness (VP of Marketing) and Brian Olsen (VP of Special Events) as well as current PSE member Milan Patel all accepted the position of Terry Ambassador. A Terry Ambassador has a variety of duties within the college, including: campus tours, hosting Terry College events such as Terry Talks, and alumni events. Ansley, Brian, and Milan were of 30 students selected to become Terry Ambassadors this semester. It's a unique privilege, and PSE is proud to have these three members representing Gamma and the Terry College of Business. 

Senior and Former VP of Professional Development: Courtney Mccune

Senior and Former VP of Professional Development: Courtney Mccune

In addition to these three members being selected as Ambassadors, two PSE members were presented prestigious awards from Terry. Senior and former VP of Professional Development Courtney Mccune was awarded the Finance Department Academic Excellence Award. The Academic Excellence award was granted to Courtney for her high level of academic achievement within the Finance Department of Terry. Courtney is a Finance major,  one of the most competitive and difficult majors Terry offers. In recognition of both her academic performance and leadership accomplishments, Courtney received the Who's Who Among Students in Colleges in Universities award as well as the Cecil Walker Family Scholarship. Courtney has been a member of PSE the longest of all 160 members, serving as an executive member for two terms. 


Recently joined PSE member Taylor Pouncey received the Tanner Award. This award is granted to the top salesperson within the Terry College of Business. Taylor won the Terry Sales Competition this past semester as a first-time participant and a new member of PSE. 

Taylor Pouncey receiving the Tanner Award

Taylor Pouncey receiving the Tanner Award

Congratulations to all five of these members on your impressive accomplishments!

Crafting the Perfect Business Resume

Your resume is often the first impression you give employers. Is the impression you want to give a crumpled piece of paper with green font? Or do you want to slide a neatly organized layout on crisp resume paper into their hands. Check out these tips on how to create an impressive resume.

Employers look at your resume in the following order:

  • Format
  • Consistency (did you bold all your employers? italicize dates?)
  • Scan where you've worked and dates
  • Read from the bottom up---how have you progressed?


  1. Keep it simple--if you are not in a creative field, such as Advertising or Mass Media, your resume should be professional. Limit the use of color, don't choose flashy fonts, etc
  2. Your header should include: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Linkedin
  3. The components of your resume should appear in order of importance
    1. Objective 
      1. who are you? what do you have to offer? what do you want to do?
    2. Education (you're a student, education is the most you can offer at this point)
      1. list scholarship and honors
      2. club memberships and the position you held
      3. major coursework if it's relevant to the job you're applying for
    3. Experience
      1. State the name of the company, your position, and the dates you were there
      2. Bullet points should begin with an action verb and be results oriented (ex: increased social engagement by 30% in six month span)
    4. Skills/Interests
      1. are you a skilled writer? good with excel? know photoshop? public speaking?
    5. Certifications
  4. Proof read! One misspelled word could be the reason why you weren't hired
    1. this includes inconsistencies--are your dashes the same? did you indent at all the same points? does every sentence end with a period?
  5. Have someone you respect review your resume before you submit it to an employer. 

Take a look at your resume, do you feel confident enough to hand it to an employer?


New Members Officially Initiated into PSE

This past Monday PSE had its fall banquet, where Gamma's 50 newest members went through the "secret" PSE initiation ceremony to finally be inducted into Pi Sigma Epsilon. Along with the new members; Gamma awarded Gold Members, New Member Man and Woman of the Year,  Man and Woman of the Year, and finally the 2016 Executive Board. 

The Fall 2015 Pledge Class was one of the most heavily involved groups Gamma has seen. From their own New Member Marketing Plan Competition to a record number of attendees at Regionals, the 2016 initiates set an impressive precedent for upcoming pledge classes. 

43 PSE members were awarded Gold Member Status for their exceptional contributions this past semester. These members were recognized for going above and beyond expectations by taking part in multiple projects and service opportunities, attending various social events, and overall exemplary participation in PSE. 

The highest award a Gamma member can receive is Man and Woman of the Year. The New Member Man and Woman of the Year were Nick Simerly and Abby Davis. Although the Fall 2015 class had many deserving members, both of these recipients showed an inspiring passion and enthusiasm for PSE throughout the entire semester. Man and Woman of the Year were given to Lyman Chen and Ansley Maness. Lyman and Ansley were both inducted into PSE last spring, and have served as remarkable members in every area for the past two semesters. 

To end the evening, the 2016 Exec Board was announced. The 2015 E-Board is more than thrilled to pass the torch on with confidence to the following individuals:

President: Addy Delean

VP of Admin: Sara Hamalainen

VP of Finances: Ally Ulmer

VP of Human Resources: Alex Falcucci

VP of Public Relations: Sarah Young

VP of Marketing: Ansley Maness

VP of Special Events: Brian Olsen

VP of Professional Development: Madison Loudermilk

VP of New Member Development: Asif Delawalla 

Congratulations to New Member Initiates, Gold Members, Men and Women of the Year, and the 2016 Exec Board! PSE is excited to see what the 2016 year will bring!

Gamma Has Semi-Great Time at First Semi-Formal

Last weekend, PSE-Gamma dawned their classiest attire for the first ever PSE Semi-Formal. Nearly 100 Gamma members and their dates arrived at the house of VP of Special Events Lauren Gerth for an evening of excellent music, good conversation, and most importantly-tacos from Moe's. 

After filling their stomachs with mounds of beef and cheese and participating in various semi-formal games, Gamma ventured downtown for a classic night in the city of Athens. With such a successful semi, members are greatly looking forward to the next and final social of the semester. PSE will join fellow marketing organization AMA for a social at the UGA Ice Dawgs hockey game this Friday, December 4th. 

PSE Has Final Chapter

This past Wednesday, current exec members experienced their last chapter as reigning Vice Presidents. 24 different candidates ran for the 9 available exec positions, including: President, VP of Finance, VP of Marketing, VP of Public Relations, VP of Human Resources, VP of Administration, VP of Professional Development, VP of New Member Development, and VP of Special Events. The 2016 Exec Board will be revealed at the Initiation Banquet taking place Monday, December 7th. 

Megan Maloney conducting her final Chapter as PSE-Gamma President. 

Megan Maloney conducting her final Chapter as PSE-Gamma President. 



UGA Simultaneously Competes in Both PSE Regionals and The State Farm Competition

What can't the Dawgs do?

PSE took over (literally) Charleston, South Carolina last weekend for the Pi Sigma Epsilon Southern Atlantic Regionals, hosted by UNC-Wilmington. Eight schools represented their chapters to compete for top awards and bring home the gold. UGA, who had the largest presence with 40 participants, competed in every event including: Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon, Speaker's Competition, and the Marketing Competition.  

The weekend kicked off with the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon. Similar to the Terry Sales Competition, students took on the intimidating role of "Saleswoman or Salesman" in hopes of selling their product (sponsored by Multiview) to a buyer, portrayed by professional sales reps. UGA had an impressive fourteen students selected as finalists, many having never competed in a sales competition prior. 

Following the Sell-A-Thon was the Speaker's Competition, where three Gamma members bravely stood in front of an audience of peers and judges to give a five minute speech focused on one of seven of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's core values. Erika Quinn, Ben Colclough, and Gamma's President Megan Maloney all utilized the five minutes to the fullest, each giving a unique take on the assignment and effectively presenting some of the most impressive speeches at a Regionals Competition to date. Friday ended with a well deserved barbecue dinner on the historic Patriot's Point. 

Saturday was a long and event filled day, beginning with presentations from keynote speaker Brendon Hurley (CMO of Goodwill) and a rep. from UPS. Following these talks, each PSE chapter was given the opportunity to interact and learn from one another on how they can improve their respective chapters, forming relationships that reach across the southeast. Finally, the Marketing Plan Competition took place. Unique to the other events, the Marketing Plan Competition combined students from different schools to create a blended team. Each team was given two hours to prepare an eight minute presentation pitching their event and the marketing surrounding it for the cancer research organization, Alex's Lemonade Stand. Gamma was proud to have three UGA students contribute to the winning team. 

After a long weekend of selling, speaking, and marketing-PSE took advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday and explored the city of Charleston. Gamma was impressed by the charm of the city, but more impressed by the delicious food. As much as PSE enjoyed Charleston, there's no place like Athens. Gamma returned home having gained professional skills and lifelong friends, both of which will be carried on to PSE Nationals next spring. 

While regionals was taking place in Charleston, Gamma's VP of Marketing Simy Carvalho was competing in the State Farm Competition at the University of Central Missouri. 12 schools were invited by State Farm to compete in the Sales Competition and Marketing Competition for cash prizes, with two students from each school competing. UGA was represented by Simy and Terry Sales Competition finalist Chris Snyder. Chris and Simy were coached by sales professor and PSE faculty representative, Professor Ellis. Joining them on the trip was Professor McManus, a marketing professor at UGA. Simy and Chris both had a successful weekend contending for top awards and making UGA proud. Simy placed 5th out of 24 in the Role Play Competition, in addition to UGA placing in the top 50% overall in the marketing plan competition. 

PSE Invades Oktoberfest for Annual New Member Retreat

Every year, the "German-town" of Helen, GA hosts Oktoberfest-and for the past two years Gamma has joined the festivities for a celebration of food, music and most importantly PSE's newest members. 

Gamma loaded up 50 members and took a mini road trip to Helen. Designed to look like a traditional German city, complete with ginger-bread trim and mountain charm, Helen is the perfect setting for an Oktoberfest retreat. Gamma ate bratwursts and pretzels while dancing the night away to classic polka music--not entirely different from a night out in Athens. New and old members were able to mix and mingle German style, forming friendships to last a lifetime. 

“It was such a great experience getting to know all of the new members. Everyone is so down to earth and personable; I’m so excited to integrate them within our chapter.”
— VP of New Member Development, Addy Delean.

Interviews, Braves and Newell Rubbermaid (oh my)

This week in Gamma saw second round interviews for new member recruits, the first social event of the year and a visit from UGA alums and Newell Rubbermaid representatives at chapter. 

New Member Recruitment

PSE-Gamma members and exec members have been interviewing interested recruits for the past two weeks, with the second round taking place this past week. With nearly a hundred applicants, Gamma is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Fall 2015 pledge class, which will be announced this coming Monday, October 5th. 

Braves Date Night

PSE ventured out of Athens for a night of Braves baseball this past Tuesday. The rain held off, Atlanta traffic was moderate and Gamma chopped their tomahawks-but alas the Braves experienced another loss this season. Despite the Nationals' triumph over the beloved Braves, Gamma had a fun night off from interviewing. Braves Date Night set the bar high for the upcoming social events PSE has planned.

“Newell Rubbermaid helps people flourish every day, where they live, learn, work and play.”

“Newell Rubbermaid helps people flourish every day, where they live, learn, work and play.”

Gamma dressed up in their best business casual this week and welcomed representatives Kristen and Lindsay from Newell Rubbermaid. Newell Rubbermaid is a global company comprising of a variety of well known brands such as Papermate, Sharpie, Graco and more. Kristen and Lindsay touched on their day-to-day work life, company culture and expectations within their internal marketing positions at Newell.

Pictured: Newell Rubbermaid reps Kristen and Lindsay with Gamma's VP of Service and previous Newell Rubbermaid intern Christiana Smith.

Pictured: Newell Rubbermaid reps Kristen and Lindsay with Gamma's VP of Service and previous Newell Rubbermaid intern Christiana Smith.

PSE's very own Simy Carvalho, Shannon Morrow and Christiana Smith held internships this past summer with Newell Rubbermaid. For more information on internships and jobs at Newell Rubbermaid, visit


What to Look Forward to:

  • New Members officially joining Pi Sigma Epsilon
  • Sign up for Ad Agency Project! Email Simy Carvalho with your top company choices, resume, and what position you would like and why
  • Oktoberfest! Bring $15 to Maya Abel by October 7th to join PSE's favorite social event of the year on October 10th