Pi Sigma Epsilon Sweeps the Terry Sales Competition

ATHENS, Georgia- October 25, 2016- Pi Sigma Epsilon recognizes four key members for their outstanding efforts in the Terry Sales Competition, held last Saturday, October 22 at The Terry College of Business. Madison Loudermilk, Addy Delean, Kendall Ague, and Brian Olsen fell among the top 18 students, out of a total 99, to be invited to the Terry’s Top 18 competition in February of next year. PSE is delighted to congratulate Madison for landing first place in the competition, and Addy for placing second. The top four competitors from that subsequent competition will go on to represent The University of Georgia at the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

The Terry Sales Competition has been an emblem of success for The Terry College of Business for many years. Sales professionals from a range of major companies are invited to judge students based on their ability to simulate a real-life sales pitch. As students battle to deliver their best pitch, they are simultaneously rewarded with the opportunity to spend quality time with these executives, establishing relationships, seeking professional advice, and learning from industry experts.

Pi Sigma Epsilon has a history of involvement with this UGA institution, and proudly served as volunteers throughout the day on Saturday. "I had a really solid group of volunteers this year for the sales competition,” said Ansley Maness, VP of Marketing for PSE. Ansley headed up the volunteer efforts for the competition, an opportunity offered exclusively to PSE members. “It's a long day of work for them, but everyone stayed positive throughout the day and helped to encourage competitors to do their best.”

As Pi Sigma Epsilon continues to strive for leadership and professionalism in all areas, the considerable accomplishments reflected at this competition only serve to enhance the character of the fraternity. A very special thank you goes out to all PSE members that volunteered and competed in the Sales Competition.

PSE Members in Sales comp:

Abby Castro

Addy Delean

Blaise McComb

Brian Olsen

Brooke Walsh

Connor McElroy

Sales Comp Volunteers:

Ansley Maness

Taylor Pouncey

Arielle Pagley

Maddie Larson

Kelly Weber

Claire Miller

John Britt

Kendall Ague

Kendall Taylor

Logan Wade

Madeline Morse

Madison Loudermilk

Mary Stewart Weir

Sara Choi

Madeline Crisler

Sara Marwitz

Emily Koslowsky

Ethan Sterling

Abby Davis

Drew Schuler

Meredith Bresnahan

Milan Patel

Nicole Goldberg

Rachel Lewack

Richard Kim

Robert Purcell

Sara Hamalainen

William Schad

Drew Schuler

Christina Catchpole

Caroline Davis

Maryalice Kurr

Randi King

Quinn Brophy

Kyle Hickox

Maya Wilkins



Media Contact:

Sarah Young