For those of you interested in running for an executive board position, here is a little more insight as to what each person does. If you have any more questions, please refer back to the Executive Board navigation page to find our contact information!

Brooks Rowburrey

•  Manage and oversee executive board's activities 

•  Act as the primary liaison between PSE National Office and The Terry College of Business 

•  Focus "big picture" on creating valuable experiences for our members and direction of Gamma  

•  Lead and set agenda for executive board and chapter meetings


Jennifer Rosenmeyer
VP of Administration

•  Administer COG reports 

•  Report to Nationals 

•  Read, edit, & submit each Executive Members’ COG report 

•  Create calendars, record meetings, keep up with deadlines 

•  Risk management & chapter bylaws; reduce liabilities

• Assisted by:

  • Administrative Assistance (1)


Matt Smith
VP of Professional Development

•  Contact companies and bring in recruiters for companies that are tailored to our majors 

•  Communicate with recruiters and give them ideas of topics they should cover in their presentations 

•  Create the professional development workshops that we put on at chapter.

•  Assisted by: 

  • Professional Development Assistant (1)


Haley Vandenberg
VP of Special Events

• Responsible for creating and coordinating social events that encourage the interaction of members 

• Terry Sales Competition, Initiation Dinner, National/Regional Conference, socials

• Assisted by: 

  • Social Chair (2), Event Chair (1)


Marcos Brown
VP of New Member Development

• Create content, workshops, and games for the new member meetings 

• Integrate the new members with social strategies 

• Communicate consistently with new members

• Assisted by:

  • New Member Development Team (10)


Brandon Wattenbarger
VP of Public Relations

• Oversee PR Team  

• Responsible for maintaining a positive and professional image across all media 

• Maintain relations with outside entities and head up press releases

• Assisted by:

  • Video Production Team (4), Photographers (2-4), Graphic Designer (1), Social Media Chair (1), Webmaster (1), Content Curator (1), Campus Outreach (1), T-Shirt Chair (1)


Carson Nevels
VP of Marketing and Sales

•  Organizing PSE projects 

•  Strengthen members’ professional presentation, organizational, and sales skills 

•  Classic City Crawl, marketing projects, ad agency, etc. 

•  Overseeing sales activities that bring income into PSE

•  Assisted by:

  • Marketing Assistant (1)


Will Martin
VP of Service

• Organizes philanthropic and volunteer opportunities for chapter

• Manages and promotes individual service opportunities

• Forms relationships with local non-profits


Jack Lowe
VP of Finance

•  Keeps records of the chapter's income and expenditures 

•  Responsible for collecting all debts to the chapter, collection and payment of Annual National Dues, and assisting in the collection of Initiation Fees for New Members 

•  Prepares the chapter budget and financial statements and communicates the information to each member

•  Assisted by:

  • Finance Chair (1)

Macy Wilbanks
VP of Human Resources

•  Head of all things recruitment- strategy, pre-planning, appointing recruitment chairs, reserving campus space, etc. 

•  Keeping track of everyone's points 

•  Collecting demographics of members 

•  Benefits members for networking purposes

•  Assisted by: 

  • Recruitment Chair (2), Promotions Chair (4)